#watchlist : MAR 21 2021


Hi All,

First off, congrats to anyone who has been holding $CANF the last few months since I’ve been talking about it. This has been one of my favorite stocks I truly believed in and it finally went parabolic earlier in the week from just under $2 where it was sitting for a long time to over $4. If you held, you more than doubled your gains. For anyone who has been following I talked about it in my very first ever #trends issue #001, as well as #004 and #008.

Stocks I will be watching for potential upside/downside swing plays:

  • Root Inc ($ROOT) - The chart on this looks like it is going into bullish territory.

  • Plantx Life Inc ($PLTXF) - This got quite the beat down last week. Will keep watching for hopefully a reversal. But my conviction remains that anything under $0.90 is a bargain, under $0.80 is a no-brainer. I believe this is easily a $1+ stock.

  • Vaxart Inc ($VXRT) - This looks like it may finally be recovering as of Friday market close. I still have my call options in these from last week, so hopefully we see positive signs.

  • GameStop Corp. ($GME) - GameStop is set to report earnings on Tuesday after-hours. Due to all of the attention on this stock and regardless of which direction it goes, I believe it will be an extreme pummeling or parabolic upside squeeze. So pay attention to the earnings results.

All that being said, we might still have a few days here and there of market volatility. This is earnings season after all.

🔗 Links

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As always, this is not financial advice. I use this as a way to journal my thoughts and share with anyone else interested enough to want to read this, as well as for educational purposes only.