#cryptobrew 0003 : What Next?

🍯 What is happening with the crypto market

There’s been so much going on lately in the crypto world that I’ve not been able to keep up. Hence why I’ve been quiet lately. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. We are at a weird point with Bitcoin right now where anything goes. But here’s what I do know, I like to pay attention to indicators. My indicators include listening to those much smarter than I am. Then I take all those data points and do my own due diligence and analysis in order to make my own decisions.

You see, this season is different. I believe there are a few gotchas this time that most people did not take into account. They include the “Elon” effect, as well as big institutional buy-ins. Both these 2 things I think have and will alter the behavior of Bitcoin and Crypto short term. I fear this may be a bull trap (hope I’m wrong) to shake out retail investors.

There are only 3 folks I listen to when it comes to Crypto Technical Analysis and the indicators seem to point to possibly one more correction.

The only folks I listen to are:

  1. Gareth Soloway - Gareth has a strong track record and called the $30K drop right before it happened. I listened because I knew he had a really strong track record and it worked. He is now calling for possibly a drop to $25K.

  2. J Bravo - J Bravo is someone I’ve been following for a very very long time. He is not always right, but he is more often right than wrong. He is also calling for a potential drop.

  3. Alex Becker - Alex also has an absolutely stellar track record as well and is someone I’ve also been following for a long time mostly around Alt Coins.

  4. Bonus Video - This is someone I’ve never heard of, but his analysis actually made a lot of sense to me which is why I decided to share this.

Overall, I’m still bullish on Bitcoin long term. But, I think we have some headwinds ahead. With that being said, I could also be absolutely wrong. Anything is possible. Just wanted to share my thoughts at the moment.

As always, this is not financial advice. I use this as a way to journal my thoughts and share with anyone else interested enough to want to read this, as well as for educational purposes only.